Ocdworks tuerckspec cnc machined 2jz oil pump
Ocdworks tuerckspec cnc machined 2jz oil pump

Ocdworks tuerckspec cnc machined 2jz oil pump

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The OCD Works Tuerck spec oil pump is meticulously designed and engineered to handle the high stress of professional motorsports and racing. We logged and analyzed countless hours of track duty to ensure our proprietary modifications offer superior performance and unmatched reliability.
We also use all industry-standard equipment for our product inspection and testing such as x-ray, PMI (positive material identification), CMM, durometer for hardness, and DP/LPI testing all in-house as part of our extensive assembly and quality control process.
1) We fully disassemble brand new Toyota oil pumps and each individual component gets high-pressure jet washed. 
2) We CNC laser engrave every part to make sure each component pairs with a specific oil pump housing.
3) We fully inspect each component using our CMM machine and spec out each part.
4) We secure each oil pump housing on a proprietary fixture in our 5-axis CNC for machining in four specific areas.
5) We high-pressure jet wash all parts again after CNC machining each oil pump.
6) We place each component into an ultrasonic bath for final cleaning prior to assembly.
7) We place each oil pump housing in an oven to replicate normal operating temperature before assembly. We use multiple ovens since aluminum and steel have different expansion rates and require different specific temperatures.
8) We assemble all our Tuerck spec oil pumps in our dust-free, climate-controlled clean room.  
9) We do a final, multi-step component and movement inspection.
10) We CNC laser engrave all our Tuerck spec oil pumps for authenticity and accountability.