T51R Mod on your compressor Housing
T51R Mod on your compressor Housing
T51R Mod on your compressor Housing
T51R Mod on your compressor Housing
T51R Mod on your compressor Housing
T51R Mod on your compressor Housing

T51R Mod on your compressor Housing

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Upon receipt of your compressor housing, we begin by rendering a 3D digital model. Next, we determine the anti-surge displacement by reverse calculating the turbo's efficiency.

Each compressor housing is machined in our CNC and milled to exact specification. Every insert is individually-designed, model-specific and produced to order from billet aluminum stock.

+ Shipping. You are responsible for shipping and Handling of your item.

+ Very straight forward, You ship your compressor cover , we machine and ship back. Shipping you are purchasing is for your return shipping to you once we finish your cover. 
+All we need is your compressor cover, Not a whole Turbocharger to machine . IF you have Non -Anti surge compressor cover, then please send in your center section with your cover.  Any situation we do not need your turbine housing unless we are performing rebuild. 
+Please read carefully.  ALL your information that will require would be provided via EMAIL. Email would be send in as confirmation and as instruction for your turbocharger or compressor cover what to do next.   When you finished purchase our service , please READ your email and follow instructions. 
+We will not be responding or return to your email confirmation as it is for our internal verification uses ONLY.
+We do encourage customer to send it with UPS OR FEDEX, DHL to have legit tracking number and security of your package however, this is just recommendation

+We will inform you IF ONLY there is damage to compressor cover during in-coming shipping to us.   
+We will use Email to communicate if that occurred. (We do not respond email such as if we received my cover or covers? just because customer is responsible for shipping which address was giving by us base on your purchase therefore, you have ALL information about your incoming shipment, and tracking details. )
+PLEASE do not buy our service and not send your compressor cover for 6-12 months. 
 PLEASE purchase our service when you are available and able to send it in. BE SURE to check with your schedule before you send it in, If you have DYNO appointment, or RACES,  finish them , then send it when your turbocharger is available. 
We will not work with personal special reason's. NO EXCEPTION Customer MUST send compressor cover in within 30 days from purchase. No exception !!!

+We do not offer Any exchange program for your compressor cover.  What this means, We do not trade in or exchange your old compressor cover/covers. 
+ Please ADD Email address which you have ACCESS to .   If you have not receive confirmation from us , then most likely you have not enter your email address. 

+Our normal machining time is 6-10 business days to complete your order. We will contact you via email if any significant delays occur. Business Hours Monday - Friday

In order for us to process  your order as quick as possible. Please click HERE to download a copy of our product form. Please fill out this form and place it in the box with your compressor housing. This is mandatory for ALL customer and no exception. Failure to do so it will be SIGNIFICANT delay on your order.   
If the link above doesnt work please click the image below and print.
T51R Instructions