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OCDWORKS "Tuerckspec" Valvetrain kit for TOYOTA 2JZ-GTE/ 2JZ-GE ( VVT-I AND NON VVT-I)

OCDWORKS "Tuerckspec" Valvetrain kit for TOYOTA 2JZ-GTE/ 2JZ-GE ( VVT-I AND NON VVT-I)

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The OCD Works 'Tuerck Spec' Conical Valvetrain Kit with titanium retainers for the Toyota 2JZ-GTE/GE includes 24 Ti retainers, 24 conical valve springs, 12 nitrated intake valves, 12 Inconel exhaust valves, 48 retainer clips, 12 intake valve stem seals, 12 exhaust valve stem seals, and is offered as a complete, high-performance valvetrain package.

Intake Valves

Our intake valves are made exclusively from an enhanced version of EV8 (21-4N) steel. This is the highest grade of steel available and provides the strength to withstand just about any application, from street-driven APU cars to Formula Drift race cars.

We use a hardening treatment that has been steadily growing in popularity over the last several years. These black Nitride-coated valves feature harder surfaces and smoother finishes, providing less friction and subsequently longer life.

Exhaust Valves

For modern turbocharged engines producing extreme heat and boost pressure, we use Nimonic 751 alloy. It is one of best materials available for exhaust valves and works equally well for street and race cars. It is widely used in aerospace and industrial applications as well.

This is a nickel-based, high-strength, high-temperature alloy whose excellent properties are obtained through age hardening. The alloy resists both chemical corrosion and oxidation, and has good creep strength under high stresses in the temperature range of 1,200-1,500ºF (650-820ºC.) It also has good rupture properties to 1,600ºF (870ºC.)

Valve Springs

A major advantage of conical springs vs. traditional cylindrical or beehive springs is the dampening and removal of valvetrain harmonics. Of the three designs, conical springs are the front runners in valvetrain harmonic stability. Utilizing a varying coil diameter as well as coil spacing, a conical spring acts as a natural harmonic dampener in the transfer of valvetrain shock.

This translates to less stress, less wear, less heat, and a longer life of the included components. All OCD Works Tuerck Spec valve spring kits are thoroughly inspected as well as surface treated to prevent premature failures. OCD Works Tuerck Spec valve springs are capable of holding over 1,500 hp and over 45 psi of boost pressure. They are designed for ultimate reliability in high-stress applications.

Conical Spring Benefits:

  • Vastly improved harmonic stability with inherent self-dampening design
  • Smaller design = weight reduction throughout the entire valve train system
      • Applications for high RPM and boost pressure: more stable at higher cylinder pressure and back pressure
  • State of the art manufacturing and engineering production processes
    • Titanium retainers are machined smaller for the smaller top coil, reducing overall weight 
    • Ultimately, less weight = less wear = more reliable = more capable power gains
    Weight Comparison:

    OEM Toyota ----- valve spring with retainer ----- 50.02 grams

    Ferrea Dual ----- valve spring with retainer ----- 49.34 grams

    Tuerck Spec ----- valve spring with retainer ----- 37.75 grams

    Our design provides 12.26 grams of weight savings PER VALVE, equating 294.24 grams of weight savings TOTAL with our complete valvetrain.

    Weight Comparison:

    Whole stock valvetrain -----------2328.49g

    Ocdworks valvetrain --------------2022.96g

    Make sure to measure and double check with your parts fitment with your parts such as valve installed height as well as lash with shim or shimless.  We recommend to lash it with shimless bucket conversion for any of valve train kit.   


    Over 305.52g moving parts weight saving.  It is huge improvement, and reduce significant stress and wear. 


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